What are ICT?

I would score myself a 7/10 for general ICT knowledge, but sadly only a 5/10 for ICT Pedagogy.

I enjoy ICTs and learning new things on computers, even just exploring all the features/settings on a new computer, system or program (I love it when mac releases a software update with new features). I enjoy playing around with music programs and video editing software, sometimes I think the actual ‘process’ of learning something new with technologies is what I enjoy most. The same applies to creating a Blog. I have never created a Blog, only due to the fact that I have never had anything interesting enough to write about, alas, I now have a good excuse!

ICT Pedagogy is much like my general teaching pedagogy — I’m an apprentice who is learning his craft but is only 2 years in the game. I have explored many ICT pedagogical approaches in the classroom and I’ve had the opportunity to try out only a few. Kahoot worked well with the Year 8 students on prac last year. It is a whole class quiz format which can be used to reinforce prior knowledge or consolidate new knowledge in a fun and engaging way (the students loved it). I look forward to learning about some of theory underpinning ICT pedagogy and exploring and sharing resources with EDC3100 classmates.

What is ICT to me?

ICT is any form of technology which is used to communicate/share ideas, that is, television, computer, phone, radio software, Apps etc. This guy explains it well



ICT fascinates me in terms of its growth. Take a trip with me down memory lane.



Its hard to believe that was just over 10 years ago!!

How do I learn ICT?

I learn ICT best through trial and error. For example, the best way for me to learn a new software program is to explore its features, try clicking on the icons or menu options even when you don’t know what they do, its a great way to way to find out. Sometimes I even try reading the instructions that usually come with the device or software, but beware they are often more confusing than the trial and error method. I am a bit of geek when it comes to ICTs, I love finding out about new features and learning how to do things that I didn’t know how to do before. I love Geeky things like syncing across all my devices (syncing calendars across my IPad, IPhone and Mac).A few years ago I was reacquainted with PC after using Mac for 10 years. I still use my mac but I was using a PC for work at the time, it was like learning how to use a computer all over again. I didn’t know where things were going after saving them,where to find certain things in settings and it was a challenge to stay the least. It made me think, this is how it must be for people who don’t use computers often, but the trial and error method worked a charm and in no time I was back up to speed.My advice for anyone trying to learn ICT is – don’t be scared just give it go!


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