Here we are in week 6 and assignment 2 is well underway, well sort of…

My learning experiences keep ‘transforming’ rather than student learning as I work my way through the week’s Moodle Books. This is a bit of an overview (a very basic one) of how I’m thinking about my unit at the moment, no doubt this will change, and probably change again, never-the-less, I thought this might be interesting to reflect on further down the line and would love to hear from anyone else doing English and how you are travelling.

Year 10 English unit on persuasive language:

After learning about persuasive language in a range of texts (written, oral, visual) students will create a television talk-show presentation. In their presentations, they will investigate a range of issues (financial and commercial) that affect young people. They will upload their presentations to a class Wiki (which is used in a number of learning activities during the unit).

Future students will have access to former students’ presentations. Over time, this should create an evolving database of information about issues affecting young people.

The Wiki will be used for a range persuasive language activities including a novel analysis; students will use the Wiki to help inform their presentations.

The Wiki is used to work collaboratively, share and build on ideas about persuasive language techniques; the TV presentation is used to apply persuasive language techniques for specific purposes.

Would be great to hear from anyone who might have some ideas about etymological spelling activities which might transform learning using ICTs. It is not included above as I’m still working it out.

Some ideas I have include: online quiz; digital word glossary (new and hard to spell words); struggling to come up with too many more at the moment.


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