New Experiences

Retrieved from, 8 April 2017.

Hello again,

This week I’ve been trying to catch up on assignment work as I seemed to have gotten a bit carried away with all this technology, much like evansclan2002 explains her post (a great read by the way).

It is interesting to think about:

“How much time is spent using ICTs vs how much time is spent productively using ICTs?”

in relation to students and people and society in general. Coincidently, listening to a podcast while driving to the dentist this morning, a conversation came up about boredom and how we use technology to escape it, check it out @ 1hr, 10 mins and 15 secs if you are interested.


I created an account on edublog and wikispaces (for free) because I thought to myself:

“All this talk about using blogs/wiki’s in the classroom it might actually be worth understanding how to use them.”

Safe to say that it was a great little thought experiment and I can’t wait to use both in the future. Writing this blog has been beneficial, the edublog system is very similar ( but with a lot more features), having this experience made it easy to navigate my way around. I now see the practical relevance of being immersed in ICTs and ICT Pedagogy, even if it means falling behind a little bit, as Al explains in his blog, you can never have too many tools in your tool belt.

I like the idea of collaborative learning with a wiki and love the fact that the teacher can: post instructions and messages; comment on students’ posts; monitor students’ posts and provide feedback; upload content; monitor activity and much more. The students collaborate and share ideas interacting almost like they would on a social media platform but for learning. The idea of using a wiki for ‘flipped learning’ as explained here is a great idea. Rather than waisting time during lesson covering LOTS and teaching basic concepts using PP, they can be uploaded to the wiki, students have access to them at all times and become responsible for their own learning. It leaves more time during the lesson for the ‘doing’ (transforming knowledge).

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “New Experiences

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Great read here, thank you. I would love to listen to the pod cast too…. but you know that time poor thing we have been speaking about LOL. Maybe on my next long drive.

    As for classroom wiki environments, i have also discovered ‘seesaw’ my grade 4 son uses it at school, the teacher posts all homework and class projects on there and the students upload there finished items back to the site. Kids can comment and ‘like’ other students work – but this is teacher approved before any comments can appear on the blog itself. It is really very good and i can see myself using this in my classroom.

    Best of luck catching up on everything, it is not reallyl going to be a 2 week break for me, just a few weeks to slowly catch up and hopefully get ahead a little too. 🙂

    Till next time – K


  2. Thanks for this Chris, I am all about Podcast so will add to my list. That is after I finish S-Town- I am binge listening (is that why i’m so time poor?).
    Either way, I have embedded a wikispace as a part of my unit within HPE- but need to ensure I have grasped it for what it can do in its entirety rather than just fumbling my way through.
    Great blog. Keep them coming

    Cheers Sally


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