What mid-semester break???

Retrieved from Flickr, 30 April 2017.


This is the end of the first week back after the so-called mid-semester break.

Does anyone actually get a break in that period?

It just involved completing 3 more Assignments for me and thank God they are over and done with.

Anyway, I thought, why not write a quick reflection on where I’m at now in this course. The first assignment did not go so well, I passed but wasn’t happy with my result. I totally misunderstood the task. Although I new that Assignment 1, 2 & 3 were all linked, for some reason I was under the impression that in the table in part 1 we just had to put in ‘suggested’ learning activities that align with, and making sure we covered ‘all’, the ICT components of the particular syllabus. I did that but not in a cohesive way – as if it were one unit – I just assigned random learning experiences ensuring that I covered all the ICTs in the syllabus on the notion that I was demonstrating ICT syllabus alignment NOT aligning a cohesive unit of work – note to self – never do that again. Hopefully I will redeem myself in Assignment 2 which is all done and dusted now.

In Assignment 2, I certainly learned a lot about all the different options available relating to ICTs and learning (quite surprised actually) but I think there are quite a few that are actually counter-productive also. At times I thought ‘this is cool and might work’ but then after thinking about it some more I would ask myself the question ‘couldn’t I have just done that without ICTs?’ Differentiating between what looks cool, might be fun/interesting and is actually beneficial to learning are very different things. One thing that I came across and thought could be really transformative was the Virtual Reality (VR) options out there. Not very practical and/or affordable at the moment for most schools but I’m sure this will become a big part of learning in the future. Imagine teaching History and allowing students to actually visit the place or time period you are studying in VR – check it out really mind blowing stuff.

Looking forward now to Assignment 3 – I’ve picked a website to use (WIX) but I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to make it interactive just yet. My unit is Year 10 English and I don’t know whether an avatar is appropriate for this year level??

I would have though it would be more suited to younger year levels??

Would love to do something like this if only I knew how…

I’m enjoying the ‘process’ of creating a website so far, I just need to make sure I’m decisive –  I tend to waste a lot of time not making decisions in relation to trivial components of the task that don’t matter.

All the best.



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